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Linen as a sustainable material

At LinenMe we are committed to ensuring our products are sustainably produced. Linen itself is an environmentally-friendly fabric as it requires fewer resources to grow and process, and is biodegradable. We use every last inch of fabric in our production process to minimize waste, and we craft products that are made to last, in keeping with our slow-living aesthetic.


Made-to-order production

We don’t follow fashion fads – we design clothes that are classic and enduringly stylish, rather than pandering to the latest trend. We love fashion and are always creating new designs and researching the best silhouettes and cuts, but we won’t produce anything that we know won’t stand the test of time. Buy a linen dress from us now and it will look just as fabulous next summer, and the summer after it.




At LinenMe our philosophy is based on creating beautiful linen homewares with a minimal impact on the planet. By reusing offcuts of larger pieces of fabric we reduce waste, and we combine traditional hand looms with modern production techniques to work efficiently.




There has been a gradual and welcome shift away from thoughtless consumption and towards living more consciously and with integrity. We want to surround ourselves and our families with quality products that will last a long time, and that are sustainably produced. We want to embrace slow living in whatever form is manageable for our lifestyles. And we want our homes to be organised, welcoming and uncluttered. None of this, of course, necessarily involves buying more stuff. But we also want to experience the luxurious comfort of new linen bedlinen, to replace tatty cushions with ones we can be proud to plump and to make little changes that nod to current trends and looks.



At LinenMe we’re a three-generation family business recognized for our great quality products and excellent designs. We hold three different certifications: European Flax ® trademark, Woolmark,OEKO-TEX. So you can be sure your product meets high standards and will have a long life.


Caring for your linen product

Proper care can ensure your linen product has a long, beautiful life. This not only saves you money, it also reduces waste and preserves resources. Discover how to wash, dry and store your linenwares so they last a lifetime.


What you can do for the planet

While we need real systemic change to properly tackle climate change, we can all make a difference at an individual level too. Find out what steps you can take towards a more sustainable lifestyle.



We use cardboard boxes and envelopes in our packaging – cardboard is a more sustainable material that’s renewable, reusable and recyclable. Our courier bags are made from 80% recycled film. We pack your purchases in linen bags made from fabric remnants to reduce waste. These pretty bags come in different colours and can be reused in a variety of ways around your home.



Our couriers – FedEx, UPS and DPD – are trying to be more sustainable by choosing optimal routes, investing in research into green initiatives, converting their fleets to electric vehicles and investing in, or using, renewable energy. You can make a difference too by accepting your package on the first delivery attempt or using pick-up points.